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Impact Heavy-Duty Light Stand (Black, 13')

Impact Heavy-Duty Light Stand (Black, 13')

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The Impact Heavy-Duty Light Stand is a piece of photography and lighting equipment designed to support studio lights, strobes, or other lighting accessories. Here are some key features and specifications for the Impact Heavy-Duty Light Stand, assuming the information is in line with industry standards for such stands:

  1. Height:

    • The light stand you mentioned is specified as 13 feet tall. This means it can extend to a maximum height of 13 feet (approximately 4 meters). The ability to extend to this height provides flexibility in setting up lighting for different photography or video scenarios.
  2. Material:

    • Light stands are typically constructed from lightweight yet durable materials like aluminum or steel. The choice of material affects the stand's weight, stability, and portability.
  3. Color:

    • The stand is described as black, which is a common color for light stands. Black finishes are often preferred for their professional appearance and ability to minimize light reflections.
  4. Sections:

    • Light stands usually have multiple sections that can be extended and collapsed. The number of sections affects the stand's portability and the range of heights it can achieve.
  5. Footprint and Stability:

    • The base or footprint of the stand plays a crucial role in stability. Heavy-duty light stands typically have a broader base to ensure stability, especially when supporting heavier lighting equipment.
  6. Mounting Stud:

    • The top of the light stand typically includes a mounting stud or spigot, which is used to attach various lighting accessories. The most common size for these studs is 5/8 inches.
  7. Adjustable Height:

    • The light stand may have adjustable height sections that allow for precise control over the working height.
  8. Weight Capacity:

    • Heavy-duty light stands are designed to support a significant amount of weight. The weight capacity can vary, but it is generally higher compared to standard light stands.
  9. Air-Cushioned Design (Optional):

    • Some light stands feature an air-cushioned design, which helps prevent damage to lighting equipment when lowering the stand sections.

When considering a light stand, it's essential to assess your specific needs, including the weight of your lighting equipment, the desired height, and the portability required for your setup. Always refer to the product specifications provided by the manufacturer for accurate and detailed information.

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